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  1. I'm out again lads. Absolutely no activity since I came back and no effort to keep it going. Tried my best to do some transfers when I came back but to no avail. Hope it goes back to what it was when I originally joined but a big change is needed. See ya lads
  2. No but I can try get on tomorrow night
  3. Colemania

    All up

    35m for Maoulida @PJM
  4. I can try get on tonight ya. I'll message you if I'm on
  5. Mightn't get on until Friday night or Saturday I'd say
  6. @alizawi I've been finding it very hard to get on, sorry man. Are you on tonight?
  7. 60m for muriel @JAMOHEADRUSH
  8. I got him in the draft because I wanted him for so long. He's unbelievable so I won't be letting him go
  9. Susaeta 77 RWF - 25m BIN PES legend, always good for Bilbao in these games and versatile too.
  10. I can more than likely get on tonight at some stage after 7.30
  11. Mee 77 rated Burnley CB Got him in a mystery box a while back but will take 35m for him. Throw in an offer anyway. Also need CMF and SS cover
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