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Everything posted by Colemania

  1. @CRN_14 sorry man, I'm out of the league this season.
  2. Grand, I'll let you know when I'm on at the weekend
  3. @Jungle_Team when are you free to play this?
  4. Probably not Thursday but should be ok at the weekend
  5. Can try get on one evening after 8pm. What suits you?
  6. Can try get on some evening this week alright
  7. Wass 79 AMF 74 DMF 78 CMF 75 RMF 73 SS 72 RB You get it, the man plays everywhere! Excellent set pieces too. Starting at right back for Valencia at the moment Also, look at the cards!
  8. Wass - Starting for Valencia now and so versatile. Very good at set pieces too Would sell for 45m. Looking at other players going for more, this is a relative bargain in comparison!
  9. I'll have to pay a fine for selling early too so I'd want closer to what I paid
  10. Mee - Burnley CB, 77 rated. Just got him in a mystery defender box for 50m but not what I was looking for. Would be looking to get most of that back
  11. 50m BIN will get him or I'll just leave it open for a while
  12. Make me an offer and I'll tell you
  13. Been on a bit of an early season spending spree recently so need to raise some funds Diaby - Look at that pace! Has been brilliant for me but with the acquisition of Assale, he won't get games. Paid 65m for him so looking to recoup most of that Mee - Burnley defender that I just signed in the mystery defender box. Not what I was looking for unfortunately so putting him up for sale, although I haven't tried him out yet! Paid 50m obviously so looking for a good chunk of that back. Wass - Starting for Sevilla these days and super versatile. Look at all the positions he plays in! Fantastic at set pieces and great stats all around. Will want a lot for this guy Rudko - Cheap backup keeper. Got him on the cheap so will sell for 5m BIN
  14. What about a trade withy Diaby ? Paid 65m for him and look at that pace! Dzubya and 20m my way for diaby?
  15. Don't even use wingers but have a soft spot for Susaeta. 21m?
  16. Ha no I'm not hiding him. If nobody claimed him in the beast release, he has disappeared into the wilderness it seems. Unless they give him to one of the newbies
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