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  1. JGooner27

    Max Meyer

    42 Mil
  2. JGooner27

    Chance to make some cash

    Hey Folks. Im looking to add to my squad and get a few deals over the line. Need CMFs, DMFs and over 80s
  3. JGooner27

    England's no1 full back

    Sorry that ive been gone so long @lizard100310 But im back ill take him for 37 Mil, 2 mill as compensation for being gone. Thats if hes still available
  4. JGooner27

    Who has any 80+ rated players left to sell ?

    @Metalprawn666 What you think? @ajuhlin Will you take a cash plus player ex?
  5. JGooner27

    England's no1 full back

    How much you looking for?
  6. JGooner27

    PES 2019 has arrived

    No worries! Thanks anyways though
  7. JGooner27

    PES 2019 has arrived

    Finally!! if you play a bit ML could you let me know what the transfers are like as well as player values, are they more realistic? Thanks
  8. JGooner27

    2nd Chance Sweepstake

  9. Gamer tag is same as username
  10. Im in! im In! Im In! So excited