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  1. Hi Guys, Last years was the first PES ive played in probably 7/8 years, the first since Myclub came into the game. The actual playing side of the game i'm fine with but I tended just to play online seasons with the normal clubs. I have played UT on the 'other game', but when I tried my club I was a bit clueless about basic stuff that I should have been doing to help build my team. Before I give it a go next weekend, what would your main tips be for to help build a team for a newbie to the mode Thanks Si
  2. Hi all, Looking to join the ps4 league if possible user is same as on here - sidarloking. Anyone is welcome to add me on the ps4 for some friendlies etc come thursday and beyond. Hoping to get back involved in the pes community after many years away
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