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  1. @ClaretChris sorry, got a better offer for Khacheridi and I can't seel two of my CBs @Jungle_Team tried them and they are quite good, but Paterson has become heart and soul of my team. That's all folks, all first team players are of the market now.
  2. @Jungle_Team Paterson is amazing, has to be much better offer to even consider it (TBH way above any market rate) @Metalprawn666 didn't even blink at 80m for Poulsen, would probably sell him for 300m, but even then not sure TBH. To say that he is goodlike is understatement. @Beastermc waaaaay to low for Poulsen @Jungle_Team, @Metalprawn666, @lizard100310 thinking about offers; haven't made a decision yet regarding Andre Silva future.
  3. @PJM http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=110645 @Corkdogg will try him out and let you know - I am not in a hurry and no deal is gonna be done today. As I've said I'm building a team for next season and don't plan to rush things @ThaLoveShak might be interested in http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=64750 for pellegrini- have to try him out. @prastidudka nope, already have a much better DMF
  4. @Corkdogg 60m or swap for GAGLIARDINI
  5. nikola

    The Vultures Bin

    Please price for ZURUTZA http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=42311
  6. Preparing team for the next season, probably a different formation too so anyone can go. Poulsen is technically for sale, but TBH it would have to be amazing offer to even consider it. Looking for swaps or downgrade, cash might be considered if offer is good enough. Any player that is offered will be tested, because I plan to use players trough the whole season - no flash deals.
  7. nikola

    Small clear out all with BINS

    I'll take Jose Sa - write it up please!
  8. nikola

    Petmaister - Panathinaikos vs Nikola -Sevilla

    @Petmaister can you play this week? Tuesday or Thursday after 7-8pm?
  9. nikola

    Alizawi - America De Cali vs Nikola -Sevilla

    Confirming result - good game, could have gone either way!
  10. nikola

    Nikola -Sevilla vs CRN_14 - AS Monaco

    Sevilla 3:4 Monaco Monaco: M. UTH x2, K BOATENG, F. KAMANO Sevilla: POULSEN x3 Amazing game @CRN_14
  11. nikola

    Alizawi - America De Cali vs Nikola -Sevilla

    @alizawi I'll be around until 8-9pm - ping me on PSN when you can play and I'll be online in a few minutes.
  12. nikola

    Nikola -Sevilla vs CRN_14 - AS Monaco

    @CRN_14 Yeah - ping me on PSN and I'll be online in a few minutes!
  13. nikola

    Petmaister - Panathinaikos vs Nikola -Sevilla

    Hey @Petmaister, I'll be online tomorrow after 7pm and this weekend after 4pm. Let me know when can you play!
  14. nikola

    Nikola -Sevilla vs CRN_14 - AS Monaco

    @CRN_14 Hey man, you up for a final match this weekend? Saturday or Sunday anytime after 4pm!