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  1. Hey guys, I'm actually going to pull out of P2E this season. Been thinking about it for a while and need a break. Don't want to Start the season and pull out. Loved season one, was good fun and competitive enough. 2nd season was very competitive but I didn't have so much fun, and I guess thats the main thing. I'll still be around for friendly games etc. Cheers, had some cracking games against some of you. 🍻🍻
  2. Yeah I don't think there is enough of us on ps4 anyway. Ps4 top division is already win at all costs 😂 I just judge it on who I'm playing and adapt from there. If someone is chilled ill be chilled, if someone loves a wanky goal or 5 ill score them back.... Simples #GGTTH
  3. Yeah man, write it up @Damok21
  4. Anyone got a classy box to Box CM for sale? Must have good form rating!!!
  5. Yeah in, sorry for the delay, been away for a bit.
  6. Looking at selling Nam Tae-Hee - http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=1073782323 78 rated Am with excellent stats for the role - passing, dribbling in the 80s. Has form 6 so almost always a good arrow. Can take a good free kick. Has 5 cards... Will take cash or potential swap for an SS/CF
  7. @alizawi you get any progress on this bud? Might put Nam up for Transfer as I have changed my team around again.
  8. Will give a try 👍
  9. Anyone got a beastly CF or SS for sale. Would be look for someone with pace and good finishing. Prefer if they are 78ish rated. Can't take any 80s Show me who you got and prices please 👍
  10. Would you like Nam Tae-hee back?
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