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  1. Should be on tonight or tomorrow night @mowgli77 if your about
  2. On tonight and tomorrow alright but probably too late for you, 10:30 at best. @lizard100310 working till 9:30 sadly.
  3. Yeah should be able to get you from 9 onwards, all depending on the Bambino tho so can't guarantee anything but will do my best! @lizard100310
  4. Can play tonight if your around? @lizard100310
  5. Sunday evening/night yeah, won't be on tomorrow day and shouldn't be on tomorrow night with the match @nikola
  6. Nobody has a big beast of a DMF/CMF for the silky man!?
  7. It's a good offer pal, was looking for slightly more If he goes for straight cash so I'll leave run on for a bit
  8. Paid 85m for him at auction so ish or thereabouts
  9. This man needs no introduction, but he'll get one anyway. The wonderkid of yesteryear, he was heir apparent to THE Ronaldo's Throne until injury/loss of form/cocaine saw him stumble from those lofty heights he was so very close to reaching. In the time since his decline he has found a good home in his native Brasil, providing the RB fans with nothing but joy with his sweet skills, mad dribbles and ice cool finishes. He came for big money and will leave for big money or a trade for a top notch DMF or CMF.
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