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  1. Michael Keane http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=103514
  2. @I3lakeey I'm online tonight from 7pm onwards my psn is KENNETH192 add away 👍
  3. Keane and Zobnin still available
  4. @Tyrone2Tuff I have Michael Keane up for sale
  5. Carlos Soler @djtrixta looks like a nice swap
  6. @Best2005 for the player he is 60m is a bit low but thanks for the offer
  7. @Beastermc lunchtime at 2 👍
  8. @djtrixta I'd take a cm trade and cash or else make me an offer I can't refuse for the quality Russian
  9. @CRN_14 Beastermc is taking him I didn't get a chance to write it up sorry pal
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