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  1. ClaretChris

    Milik 81 rated lethal CF.

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=58653 Trade for other CF/SS + cash or good cash offer.
  2. ClaretChris

    Dmf special price.....

    Grab a good back up!!!!
  3. Just need to raise the extra 5 when the window opens. Cheers
  4. ClaretChris

    Do you remember the first time? (Retro Games Discussion)

    Yea, Andy's a sound guy. It's been around a good few years now but keeps getting bigger and betterall the time. Everything in there is priced reasonably not a rip off and on Fridays when it's over 16s only it's got a great vibe.
  5. ClaretChris

    165m burning a hole in my pocket

    http://www.playtoenjoy.com/membersshop/ You know you want to @ThaLoveShak
  6. ClaretChris

    Do you remember the first time? (Retro Games Discussion)

    Good read @mowgli77. Had nearly every console since the late '80s myself. N64 will always be the favourite I think though. On the subject of Arcades, if you haven't checked out or didn't know about this place you would enjoy it. https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/ Not too far and there's a few members here who might be interested in a visit. Maybe even arrange a get together and night out. I've stayed there myself a couple of times when going out when the Club closes.
  7. ClaretChris

    End of season sale

    He'd be my 5th choice CB, 20m.
  8. ClaretChris

    End of season sale

    Naldo 20m
  9. 40m Yoshida 30m Khacheridi
  10. ClaretChris

    ClaretChris - Lyon vs Balonga - Benfica