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  1. TheWelshOne

    League/Friendly GOTM November (VOTE)

    9. PANDA - Gustavo Scarpa - seemed to do it for me
  2. TheWelshOne

    Season 8 PS4 Sign Up

    Count me in, I know I'm yet to play anyone here but I can reassure I'll be an active member in the league..
  3. TheWelshOne

    Champions League Betting

    I got nothing to bet with
  4. TheWelshOne

    NanoQuake The Trailer

    And you don't need to pay any exchange fees as I'm post of a pool of people interested in Nano that buy little when the price of Nano is low.
  5. TheWelshOne

    NanoQuake The Trailer

    So I'm sure you all know the classic game called Quake, well how about playing this game and earning yourself some Nano, Nano is a crypto currency which is feeless, instantaneous and green and goes up and down in value much like Bitcoin. Check out the trailer for Nano quake and the Nano Reddit sub here Also check out the NanoQuake post on the cryptocurrency sub here Any questions with regards to Nano or how you can acquire some with the exchange fees give me a shout, you can have as much or as little Nano as you like. Thanks, TheWelshOne
  6. TheWelshOne

    PS4 - PSN Names and what you want to be called

    My PSN name is Stoilky
  7. TheWelshOne

    Couple of additions

    Some quality new features guys. I'll have a dig in my IPB folder to see if I still got some hooks or applications, I'm pretty sure I have a classifieds ad application, would this be useful if I find it?
  8. TheWelshOne

    Battlefield 1

    I know battlefield 5 is out now but does anybody still play battlefield 1? I would love to get a squad together with mics and play some organised battles.
  9. Thanks for the welcome, currently I do not have have PES 2019 but I'm hoping Santa and his big sack delivers it on Xmas day.
  10. I've been an avid PES fan since the ISS days, however I have not played PES for a number of months now but looking to get back into it. Do you have any spaces available? Thanks,