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  1. Tyrone2Tuff

    Rasta Required

    koko has fooked off and left you without the player 😂😂😂😂
  2. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=106788 The big man himself, Big Dost ! Big bad Dost!!! Fancy a change as had him a couple of seasons now... but be warned the the price needs to be right, open to trades but will have to be a quality forward not looking for 3 low rated players to trade!
  3. Tyrone2Tuff

    Rooney Appreciated Sweepstake

    46 - 50
  4. Tyrone2Tuff

    Anyone got a LWF for sale?

    Please post below cash waiting
  5. Tyrone2Tuff

    Ajax swap shop....

    Have a look at my squad @Best2005 would be happy doing a deal for Klivert or E. CARDONA got cash waiting
  6. Tyrone2Tuff

    LWF and back up keeper wanted cash waiting lads

    Let me test him out bud might be a bit low for me at 74
  7. Tyrone2Tuff

    F.C Wallybottom town sign up

    FooK me he sounds like my idol Billy Brember
  8. Tyrone2Tuff

    F.C Wallybottom town sign up

    CF/SS player style - blunt force trauma 5ft 10 A few extra pounds Hair - Salt and pepper platinum blond.
  9. Tyrone2Tuff

    Pesdb links

    Cheers 🍻 @PapaDolmio
  10. Tyrone2Tuff

    Playtoenjoy: Draft Day discussion

    B. RÖCKER http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=120442
  11. Tyrone2Tuff

    AWOL offload

    McGeady 76 LWF - off load http://pesdb.net/pes2018/?id=8408