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  1. Agreed ya dodgy Scot! @PJM 😂
  2. The crack is I won 1-0 @PJM u gonna get this updated correctly pal
  3. Sorry to do this @Ashe5tray... 2Tuff 2-1Ash great game u had loads of chances.. need to sort your gamesman ship out, about 20 fouls to my little old 1 😉
  4. Great game, one of the best proper laugh. Could have gone either way gg .. agreed @Ashe5
  5. Stats agreed lucky John Snow gg @Fordy2104
  6. @PJM I won the league game pal and if u remember u said can this Be the league game and we had a laugh about trying it on so think you’ve got confused buddy.. U won the friendly afterwards I’ve got it wrote down 👍 @Superf1y Mk2 not agreed
  7. Let’s get it on! @Fordy2104 😁
  8. @Tyrone2Tuff 3-2 @jj4c Gg Jj unluckily at the end but it was only gonna go one way 😉
  9. Now then soft lad! Your in serious serious trouble @Elfish Parrot
  10. When u on pal? @koko book an ambulance 🚑 your gonna need it
  11. Let’s get it in coz we don’t get along @PJM
  12. Bradford Brad pittty 😁 let’s do this gonna get smashed up here service crew style @Superf1y Mk2
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