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Everything posted by Tyrone2Tuff

  1. @Tyrone2TuffChievo 2-3 Arsenal @ThaLoveShak
  2. How’s it work? @The Poacher @OZMAZSTER
  3. How come I’ve been added into this? @PANDA 😂😂 defo Pen
  4. Game played 1-1 a draw @jj4c gg game buddy
  5. @Tyrone2Tuff 3-2 @Skobi gg Skobi, mad game some decent saves lol
  6. I’m on today @ThaLoveShak if your free?
  7. When u about @jj4c buddy I’m free today
  8. When u online @Skobi I’m about today bud
  9. Game played 3-3 each a draw @JAMOHEADRUSH
  10. I’m on this evening from 7pm pal @JAMOHEADRUSH
  11. On Saturday and Sunday mate but no doubt you’ll be on baby sitting duties @JAMOHEADRUSH
  12. Am about today or Sunday afternoon evening buddy @ThaLoveShak
  13. CB offer CB 20mil @koko
  14. @ajuhlin Mina LWF 40mil?
  15. @OZMAZSTER are you gonna sort this bud, return 26,700,000 and take Aranujo out my team please
  16. Cheers @Corkdogg will check tonight
  17. @Superf1y Mk2 @Corkdogg Can anyone look at this when they get chance please
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