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  1. Hello everybody How are you? How you doing? I miss you Guys we had a great time 👋👋👋

  2. Hello Guys how are you? Anybody interested to play against me but first of all i need to get a team

    1. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Hiya emrah. Hope life is treating you well.

      Sure the ps4 lads will be happy to play some friendlies with ya.

  3. Hello! Guys how are you? I hope everyond is fine. I'm back from long term injury i wanted to greet you i'm very happy to come here to play once again and who wants to play a friendly with me tomorrow night? PES 2019 Special greetings to Admins 🤚💪🖐️

    1. Emrah


      And i forgot to ask How Many Millions? 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Gregmeister


      How Many? 

      Good to see you back Emrah 

  4. Hello! Everybody how you doing ? 

    1. PANDA


      Hi Emrah hope you good mate :up:


    2. Emrah


      Everything's ok

  5. When the season ends i want to sign in the PS4 league

  6. Hi! Guys how are you? How ou doing? ?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Emrah


      All good here ?

    3. GBR CRY
    4. Emrah


      I want to play but it's too late now i'm not signed in the PS4 league

  7. Someone for friendly ?? :D on PS4 

  8. I think that NITROMANIAC is the CHAMPION this season no offense guys i just share my opinion :hyper:

    1. NitroManiac13


      Yeah Baby..Totally Agree...

  9. Hello! To everyone how it's goong? ?

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    2. PANDA


      Where have you been Emrah? I almost got a flight to Poland to hunt your arse down

    3. Emrah


      i'm here now i have some money to buy someone 

    4. Emrah


      why poland? 

  10. 26m what can i get for them???

  11. how much for KEITA BALDE??

  12. how much for SIO ??

  13. Emrah

    Do you have STRIKER to sell?

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    2. PJM


      M8 I play 3-4-3 so i don't use full backs. 

      I don't know anyone that's selling a fast striker, but have some patience m8 and one will definately pop up. 

      Or send messages to the managers who have the players you want.

      Good luck buddy


    3. Emrah


      Thanks and sorry for the wasted time 

    4. PJM


      Not a problem m8. If you don't ask you don't get. :up:

  14. Emrah


    Do you have STRIKER to sell?






  15. I'm very happy that something like this website community exist :up:

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