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  1. Been a fun ride guys but I'm done with PES this year. Some fun times had in the few years that's past. Defo still around for GTA style night but PES is a no go in afraid (Deleted it for the last time)

    Maybe PES 2020 ;)



  2. 40m Onana ?

    1. Best2005


      I'm keeping him m8. He's too good to sell :up:

    2. mowgli77



      Whats my name

  3. Did someone say we can add a 84 rated player for the new season? :hyper:

  4. Pesdb has already upgraded players. Check against Pesmaster as they haven't, they prob will soon though.



  6. Is the cash cap 120m? 

    Have searched but can't find any info....

  7. McGregor v Khabib presser going live shortly.....

    1. Metalprawn666


      Can't stand McGregor anymore, bloke is an absolute twat, in terms of fighting I lost respect for him with that defeat to Diaz, he should have lost the 2nd as well. Khabib is an animal and I hope he wins. The conference was just pure WWE Brad pitt. 

    2. Best2005


      I was laughing at some of what he said cause he was coming out with some funny statements (the way us Irish drop some insults) but I can see why he ain't as liked now. 

      Still, as he says, he done it all the hard way, can't fault the guy being cocky when he backs it up.

      Khabib looked very calm and composed, scary lol, but if Conor tags him early I'd say he sleeps him. If Conor gets taken down!? :tears: it's gona be a very long night for him.

      Will defo tune in to see though.


    3. Petmaister


      Must admit I do like McGregor but his antics with the bus and getting arrested were stupid! Made me laugh too with the insults...the guys an entertainer how can you not like him..I do like Khabib also and I think Connor might be surprised if he does get taken down. Gonna be an interesting fight for sure. A battle of two disciplines in a way, stand up and Wrestling :up2:

  8. Canelo vs GGG 2 Tonight :box:

    May vs Pac 2 in Dec?

  9. Are auctions round the corner?

    1. Cloughy


      Wouldn't hold your breath mate 

  10. 6 new faces at Ajax and still have 150m :smiley3:

    And I'm planning to sell a few......

    When's the cap? and is it still 120m?

  11. Scouting all done :up: 

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's picks.

    (Stay away from Zenit :ph34r:)

  12. Hard a few games against Corky. Liking it in the early stages. Can still be clunky but that was the snow. Defo feels more responsive, well in those 1st few anyway.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. alizawi


      Did you get the data pack ? I need to check if it's available on PS4

    3. Best2005


      I didnt m8. Not sure if its gona be released with the European release date. I didnt notice an update but think my updates for games download automatically.

    4. Best2005


      Should be back on around 1pm. I'll check for any updates then.

  13. How many of us grown men are excited for 2moro? Maybe even 00:01 tonight :hyper:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. koko


      Think it works out at about 9PM tonight for me here..leaves me time for a trip to buy a new controller (every PES) and a trip to the dispensary to stock up. :high1:

      Then it's myClub WAR for a couple of days before teaching @Corkdogg how to play ball. :splifftime:

    3. Abbafather


      @Best2005 na just checked m8 should be good for 12.01 I've got 2 days and 4 and a bit hours till it's available 

    4. Corkdogg


      @koko I'm gonna batter u as usual

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