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  1. Plays 76 amf too offers welcomed
  2. @ajuhlin and you interested if jungle isn't been in Liverpool all day will be back later to check
  3. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=107681 paid 45m would be willing to take 40m as its gone quiet class striker but I have 5 of em
  4. Go on then you twisted my arm write it up that 4 form put me off a bit but he will be a spare so go for it
  5. deal I'll post it up now
  6. As it's the transfer challenge (that I'm not in) and I'm trying to rid myself of the sweat The first person to slap £70m in my hand can have him
  7. Rigoni 80 rmf goes to 76 at lmf but that class outshines that
  8. Rigoni £60m Worth more but feeling generous
  9. Lingard £100m Worth every penny
  10. Mina £100m Worth every penny
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