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  1. Edourd HOW MUCH ??

    1. Hammybiggs


      Really that's a tad beneath you

    2. GBR CRY
  2. Hammybiggs

    PS4 Community Night

    Palmeiras 0 v 1 Boca
  3. Hammybiggs

    PS4 Community Night

    Palmeiras 1 v 1 Wolves
  4. Hammybiggs

    PS4 Community Night

    palmeiras 2 v 2 Montpellier
  5. Hammybiggs

    PS4 Community Night

    2 monacos and 2 calis
  6. Ham are collecting CBs 

    Sell me one ☝️ just 1

    that can play RB if pos.

    1. Hammybiggs


      Don't have any spare ones 

  7. There's a player in the spare teams can we request them as an auction or just buy em?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hammybiggs
    3. Ultravires


      who you after hammy? 


    4. Hammybiggs


      F. SANTANDER in spare teams bud play with him I online divisions and suits my play only a low rated but he digs my philosophy lol

  8. turist_07 just tried their hardest to lag out our online divisions match and failed miserably thank you BTINFINITY Muhahahahahahahahahaha

  9. After all these deals been done and waiting on I have jack Shat idea how much cash I have lmao

  10. Think it might be hard to rid ya self of him as hes a free agaent maybe better to get the poacher to pay ya for him?


    1. Metalprawn666


      German international though dude, with him having no LB competition 

    2. PANDA


      Yeah he won't be going anywhere. He's quality in the game too

    3. koko


      Trialled him this week. Best LB in the league by far and won't be leaving the German NT for a long time. 

  11. Lima still there for ya just ya can't get rid of that LB :-(


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