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Everything posted by Corkdogg

  1. Corkdogg

    Corkdogg - Celtic vs Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama

    Corkdogg Celtic 1 cutebrownbear Vasco 3 Goals Hernandez 2 Romero 1 weah 1 GG mate that Hernandez and rashford a nitemare think I need higher rates defenders 😂 @CuteBrownBear
  2. Corkdogg

    Friendly GOTM Entries January

    Stop hiding @Superf1y Mk2
  3. Corkdogg

    Friendly GOTM Entries January

    2nd one nice first one bolton under Sam tactics 😂😂😂
  4. Corkdogg


    U mad he's amazing chris
  5. Corkdogg

    The Vultures Bin

    10million pj
  6. Corkdogg

    What should I do ?

    @OZMAZSTER spin spin
  7. Corkdogg

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    I bought him lads 👍 already gone
  8. Corkdogg

    Striker needed

    Just going with rateing and passed transfers mate have a look not trying to do ya
  9. Corkdogg

    Striker needed

    40mill sarge
  10. Corkdogg

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    @AlexDelPiedo 50million
  11. Corkdogg

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    Let me try him @AlexDelPiedo I'll beat these offers if he's good
  12. Corkdogg

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    I'm going trial him tomorrow if u can wait Alex
  13. Corkdogg

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    I could be interested
  14. Corkdogg

    100m for a CF, AM and Winger

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=119092 60million thou Koko draft pick
  15. qqwEvon.jpgwhat about @koko quitting after me sticking 4 by him @djtrixta was Thier for proof no one beats the bhoys 

    1. koko


      Account verification bullshit mate. Was gonna smash you up like the 5-0 smashing you go just before. 

    2. Corkdogg


      Haha u did beat me 4.1 but I also won 2.1 game after so two victory's to me 

    3. PANDA


      You're both shit

  16. Corkdogg


    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=119092 With new player in thinking of letting the wee man go will take big offer as it was a draft pick
  17. Corkdogg


    Big Dou Koko draft pick
  18. Corkdogg


    Hahahahaha u do release he would cost double Scott thread closed
  19. Corkdogg

    Thorpski - Kawasaki Frontale vs Corkdogg - Celtic

    Corkdog Celtic 2 thopski Kawasaki 0 Goals prijovic kean Motm prijovic Good game thorpski @Best2005
  20. Corkdogg

    Classy Italian

  21. Corkdogg


    I'll give ya first sniff mate don't ya worry
  22. Corkdogg


    Mate go check the friendly goal of the month for this month pasqueta is sexual