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  1. Am going to drop out. Thanks to those who took time out to do a league.
  2. I know because you told me. But how does anyone else know what it for to vote on it. Sorry if am being dumb.
  3. @ThaLoveShak you've not said what votes for mate. Apologies if you have and miss read it
  4. You fancy anyone at FC knocker?.... You not been using him against me then?
  5. .. I have 82 pardes 79 rated M. Suarez, 79 CF, SS Eder. Italys CF. Got 78 french LWF. Or mitrovic 78 striker. Any of those float your boat?
  6. V. HERNÁNDEZ. This guy will create and score goals. Can play in any of the forwards positions. AMF being his main position
  7. Ill have a look at him in game 3pac shacorky
  8. Can't let him go unfortunately.
  9. Have a look mate. Got cash to
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