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  1. I love a transfer challenge this time time of year!!!

    yeah buddy. 

  2. Yyyah baby 6 john snow cl cups. 😍😂😏😉😜

    up the peelers.

  3.  stop the press. daddys home!!!!!

    wake your ass up.

  4. Ola lads 👊🏾🎉 

    1. alizawi


      What's with the disappearing status updates? 



       Not sure will look into it tomorrow.

  5. Yeah buddy!!!  I love a shake up this time of year.🤨

    1. alizawi


      Shake that sh*t up

  6.  Must fight temptation 🤫🤢🤢😩😒😒 

     It keeps calling me. It keeps calling 🙈😩



      Y am I so weak! Lol 😒😩😈😂

    2. GBR CRY
  7. Lol sold big don £0m 😩🤢🤢🤢👻

  8.  Happy New Year to all the Playtoenjoy  Family past and present have a top year. 👏🏽🏼💃🏽💃🏽👋

  9.  Keep a look out ladies and gentlemen there should be a announcement in the next couple days concerning season eight and a festivities.🍿🙈👏🏽

  10.  Keep a look out for a announcement over the next several days  ladies and gentlemen👏🏽👏🏽 

    #WinterIsComing 🙈🤨🤫

    1. TheWelshOne


      Oooo exciting :hyper:

  11.  Looks like hulk will end up getting goal of the tournaments. For someone 😂😂👍🏽👏🏽 

    @Metalprawn666 95kp hey 😂🙈😈

    1. Metalprawn666


      You never know dude 

  12.  Was just about to clock off for the day and I noticed there was a package at the side of my  Office table.  


     I open the package up there was a note and a coat inside of it. 



    I picked up the note & it said, Enjoy the coat. Winter is coming 😩🤨

    1. mowgli77


      Someone clearly thinks you’re homeless. Must be the track suit and Hi Tec trainers look that fooled them. 😜😀

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