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  1. So please link your players below with prices and if the offer is right you can take my cash . here's your chance to sell some quality players and to have a chance of winning one of the lovely auctions available today
  2. Since he is my only defender and is a top young player with his world cup medal it will have to be a ridiculous balls deep offers. @JAMOHEADRUSH
  3. If your club is ready to get out there platinum card and go serious to break the centre-back record . I could be convinced to let go the young French world cup winner Pavhard he is well hard.
  4. Got R. AsaleBoat and big Greg hmmmm. Show me the money baby.
  5. F it post it up @lizard100310
  6. Talk dirty to me what is big money . You just got a big Beeston 👏 @lizard100310
  7. Raul for sale? @lizard100310
  8. How much for the centre-back and a midfielder and throwing my player to come home
  9. .Hello play to enjoy universe it is sheikh habibi gold I have a bag of money for your players. Please place them below with prices and links
  10. N Sorry he has a offer four times that on his head.
  11. Deal @WICKID & @Jungle_Team
  12. Show me the money. Who's next.
  13. Deal Bang Bang.. Show me the money!!! ?nn
  14. Just look at this sexy bunch of players that I called my squad . They have everything boots face style ability and sex appeal Bang Bang. So if you want to pull one of these sexy monsters I will need all your money .
  15. .Let's put it this way baby they don't have any prices you have to give me a number that would make me consider it. As I paid stupid money to get that Goldie in and a centre-back is a world cup winning youngster
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