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  1. Panda 1 - 3 Ashe Gg @Ashe5 caught me cold but I enjoyed it. Agree so @Superf1y Mk2Mk2 can add the result
  2. Panda 2 - 1 @JAMOHEADRUSH Gg mate. Agree so @Superf1y Mk2Mk2 gets out of bed
  3. Game finished 3-3 was a very good game and I am in bits. Well played @ajuhlin
  4. United 3-2 Deportes Mom: Kouame Goals: Chalov, kouame x2, vargas, siabetchu Gg @jj4c
  5. Good game mate, agreed @Superf1y Mk2
  6. Agreed good game brother @Superf1y Mk2
  7. And boom da window a go shut

  8. Just over an hour to complete the Transfer challenge boyos


  9. I'm sooooo rough kill me

  10. 10 balls deep games with @Elfish Parrot last night, 4 wins each and one draw. Final game was so intense I shit out 3 kidneys no lie (completely lying) 

    Parrot head took the final win and sent me to bed. If anyone sees him today, tell him I actually am plotting all sorts of weird shit 

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