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  1. 30m For the Winner 20m For Second Place 10m For Third Place DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
  2. PANDA

    Champions League Betting

    Unlucky pal. Its easy betting with fake money until you lose it lol
  3. PANDA

    Champions League Betting

    Won 16m but. Lost 10. Who bet 50m on the dortmund game? You jammy fucker
  4. PANDA

    Champions League Betting

    It's a banker on paper I must say
  5. PANDA

    Champions League Betting

    @ThaLoveShak if Dortmund lose or draw you're fucked mate
  6. 3 new selections are up. App has been fixed so payouts should work this time, I just did a test and it worked fine so fingers crossed. Remember to bet with all your zeros. 10,000,000 and not 10. http://www.playtoenjoy.com/bettingshop/ @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
  7. PANDA

    I'm out guys

    Gutted mate. Stay classy 😘
  8. If you won on the liverpool game, go to 'my bets' and collect winnings 

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    2. PANDA


      I did your two bets yesterday and added 1,312 onto you balance this morning. You only bet 500

    3. mowgli77


      It was £5m or should have been. That was why I placed the 2nd bet. It might be me that input it wrong but I did it same way as when doing the transfers. Doesn’t really matter as long as it’s working right for next week. 

    4. mowgli77


      Message me the games you’re covering and I’ll do a brief match preview. 

  9. PANDA

    RDR2 Online Character

    If you didn't know aswell you can delete your character and make a new one. You start from the breakout but you keep all your cash
  10. PANDA

    Injustice 2

    Quality game mate, I lost a bit of love for fighting games until I played this. Got proper into it for a good few months. Smashed up dj with complete ease. Until he used the superwoman glitch where she shoots lazers from her snatch. Worth £12 all day
  11. PANDA

    RDR2 Online Character

    Just meant to be
  12. PANDA

    RDR2 Online Character

    That's mad pablo, I seen his picture and thought he looks sick, I'll do him, then I opted for a brother instead. Aparently he was a right nasty bastard. Looks the double
  13. PANDA


    @djtrixta pre order this u bum so I can fuck your shit up
  14. Probably took this too far but I based my character on this guy who killed his wife and beat the shit out of her lover then got arrested by his dad, the great Bass Reeves. The character creation is quality, you can make anyone to a t. Who you boys got?