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  1. PANDA

    Team Strengths

    Yeah levels have gone up over time, still don't think there are any OP teams though, my toughest games are against lower rated teams tbh. Maybe if we focused the auctions on low rated players instead of 79-80's for a few weeks, then did wages it'd make a difference? I'm looking at paying double atm, last time I paid nothing but can't really see much options to lower it
  2. PANDA

    Need a LMF

    35m to you bredz
  3. Zenit 5-1 Chievo Gg @Tyrone2Tuff you were off your game tonight mate
  4. Zent 0-4 brest Gg @Elfish Parrot
  5. PANDA

    PANDA - Zenit St. Petersberg vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    Yeah it was 3-1 to the ju ju bean. I added results myself as I forgot to write it up
  6. @Elfish Parrot I won't be on til Tuesday night. Extension? @Superf1y Mk2 @Best2005?
  7. @Tyrone2Tuff I won't be on til tuesday night Can I get an extension pweez @Superf1y Mk2 @Best2005?
  8. PANDA

    Need a LMF

    J. SÁNCHEZ MIÑO 77 LB, plays 75 LMF for me. Or M. SULEJMANI
  9. PANDA

    79 Ballers for sale

    Sold. Thread closed
  10. PANDA

    79 Ballers for sale

    Nandez gone. Still 2 available
  11. PANDA

    79 Ballers for sale

    Whoa there nelly, I ain't tryna increase my wages mate
  12. PANDA

    JAMOHEADRUSH - Genk vs PANDA - Zenit St. Petersberg

    😂 Gg jamo, scoreline was harsh, the stats told a different story mate. Wp
  13. Zenit 3-2 Vasco Gg @CuteBrownBearmate, almost thought you was guna come back for a minute. Wp
  14. PANDA

    79 Ballers for sale

    Not enough mate Not sure that will be enough, don't really need an amf Giza link mate please
  15. PANDA

    79 Ballers for sale

    Either mate as long as its cash and trade How much cash is the question bro Gimmie some links and numbers pabz