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  1. You're right mate. If I hadn't already processed it. @OZMAZSTER need to check these before pushing them through
  2. Was hoping for a bit more tbh mate.
  3. Contemplating listening to offers for one of my star men. Plays like a damp dream. J. MADDISON Real face, Rral boots, Stats for days, A form. https://www.transfermarkt.com/james-maddison/profil/spieler/294057 Excessive cash offers welcome
  4. Price please lads K. SAIEF @Zoo-Keepers
  5. Go on then mate. I'll write it up in a bit
  6. I'll take coric @lizard100310
  7. Cool, I'll write it up now, agree at midnight or tomorrow or whatever
  8. 60m Lindelof @ajuhlin
  9. Transfer challenge bump
  10. Interested too mate. Stuck on 25 players though....
  11. @Tyrone2Tuff Maybe update your team rosters pal?
  12. Tried my best not to reply because I always come across as a prick in these situations, buuuut.... No good bringing issues like this up on wage day @Tyrone2Tuff. If you'd have brought it up at any point before hand, whether he's out there somewhere or not, You'd have been given the benefit of the doubt. Took a lot of admin work to process them wages, doubt anyone wants to go back adjusting and altering shit just because you've decided to bring up a team issue to save yourself some cash. Saying that I'll have a look now, if I can't find him I'll reimburse you 25m. Just don't be so lax next wage day, everyone else had their team issues resolved days ago.
  13. S. PADT GK 77 Playing Style Defensive Goalkeeper Player Skills GK High Punt Captaincy 20M BIN Y.AIT BENNASSER CMF 78 A FORM https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/youssef-ait-bennasser/profil/spieler/265569 SOLD 28M K. SAIEF LMF 74 Playing Style Cross Specialist Player Skills Double Touch Pinpoint Crossing https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kenny-saief/profil/spieler/209019 10M BIN SANDRO DMF 76 Playing Style The Destroyer Player Skills Interception Captaincy Fighting Spirit SOLD 30M
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