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Everything posted by PANDA

  1. PANDA


    Where do you get all these bums from?
  2. Just over an hour to complete the Transfer challenge boyos


  3. @Skobi can we play this tonight mate?
  4. @ajuhlin you around tonight petal?
  5. PANDA

    2 For Sale

    Vaclik still available. Not looking for mega bux
  6. PANDA

    2 For Sale

    Your wages ain't even high
  7. PANDA

    2 For Sale

    So what you sweaty fucker, no restrictions until further notice
  8. PANDA

    2 For Sale

    Give you 50m for Almiron Price is 60m for filipe Sound good?
  9. PANDA

    2 For Sale

    Almiron what?
  10. What's the deal with Lafont? Vaclik + cash?
  11. Interested in that keeper if I can sell Vaclik
  12. T. VACLÍK GK 82 Playing Style Offensive Goalkeeper Player Skills GK Long Throw Real Face, boots, Always on decent form FELIPE ANDERSON LMF 82 Playing Style Creative Playmaker Player Skills Scissors Feint Flip Flap Cut Behind & Turn Long Range Drive Heel Trick Malicia Real face, boots,. goes up to 83 at RMF
  13. Defo jump on this so I will, any @Xbox League Member fancy it?
  14. On tonight if you're about mate
  15. Alls panda wants to see is a return of skills
  16. Write it up here petal x @Tyrone2Tuff
  17. Write it up here petal x @Tyrone2Tuff
  18. Write it up here petal x @Tyrone2Tuff
  19. @PANDA inter Milan 5-0 celtic @Corkdogg Azmoun x 3 Chalov Kouame Mom: azmoun Clean sheet: fariez or whatever he named Scoreline flatters me, could have easily been 3-0 down first half but nob ed fluffed his chances, 2 nil up in the second half he went to pieces. He didn't bring the smoke he was just blowing it 😂 I'm the dad 🥰 #azmounlife
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